Saturday, December 17, 2011

Inspiration Avenue-Meet Flor Larios

I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to the people who inspire me.  Being self-taught, I rely a lot on other artists that I run across on the internet.  There are so many amazing ones out there, I thought it would be great to introduce my followers to the ones that have driven me to where I am today.  I rely a lot on blogs to introduce me to new people, so I’m going to return the favor by periodically featuring interviews with the artists who inspire me the most.  There is no set schedule for these posts, just whenever I am able to get an interview with someone, so keep checking back.

One of my favorites artists is Flor Larios.  Flor is an amazing artist and such a beautiful person as well.  I’ve emailed her a couple of times to ask questions, and she has always responded and been very helpful to me.  I would like her to know how much I appreciate that.  Sometimes it’s really hard to get information or figure things out, and it’s great to have fellow artists to share along the way.  When I started thinking about what to ask her, I looked at other artist interviews.  I was getting really bogged down trying to figure out what questions to ask.  Which ones are the best?  Then, I decided, what do I want to know about Flor?  So, I closed out the other interviews and took that approach.  This is what I wanted to know most.  I hope you guys enjoy it.

1.       Can you please introduce yourself and your work.
Originally from Nicaragua.  I am a self-taught artist and like to create mixing techniques and combining old with new expressing kindness, tenderness, magic, and mysticism thru my art. 

2.     How long have you been painting?

3.       How did you get started making art?
Years ago.  I became interested after visiting museums in Boston and New York.  

4.       I’ve noticed that you have quite a large following.  Do you mind telling us what marketing strategies have worked for you so far?  Is there something you would like to try and haven’t yet?
Thank you!  Just keep going even when you have doubts or feel extremely tired.

5.       What are your favorite materials to work with?
Oil pastels and metallic paints.

6.       What inspires your paintings?
Antique religious icons and Frida Kahlo's art.

7.       What one piece of art has inspired you the most?
'The Birth of Venus' by Botticelli.

8.       Who are some of your favorite artists?
Frida, Gauguin, and Paul Klee.

9.       Do you currently teach any workshops?  If not, do you have any plans to do so in the future?
Not at this moment, maybe in the future.

10.   What are your dreams for your creative business in the future?  What is the one big thing you aspire to?
I would like for my art to be everywhere...who wouldn't?  To have a collection of children's books written by my husband and illustrated by me.

11.   What techniques or styles would you like to try that you don’t currently use?
I never use water colors... I might want to try that next...

12.   Besides making art, what other things to you like to do?
I like to worry about small things and big things...

13.  Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?  People really like to get to know artists and what makes them tick.  Sometimes it makes them more drawn to your work.
I am insanely shy.

I want to thank Flor for participating in my interview.  You can find her and her work on her blog or in her etsy shop.


  1. Oh, how I love these types of interviews..thank you!

  2. Lovely interview. I am blessed to have some of Flor's art in my home. It's special.

  3. Que fantasticos trabajos, me encanta como has decorado esa preciosa cajita.
    besitos ascension

  4. Great interview! Flor has been an inspiration for me as well!! :)

  5. I have loved your work ever since I first discovered it on Etsy. I love Frida Kahlo also, and I am drawn to a certain "soul" I find in your & her work. I wish you the best of luck in your art and your career!

    Theatre of Dreams

  6. Enjoyed the interview. I have a print and a necklace.Our Lady of Guadalupe is my favorite.

  7. I was quite fortunate to find Flor Larios through Etsy. Not quite sure what I was searching for at the time but it could have been angels. From the moment I saw Flor's work I was entranced by her sense of color and the tranquility her pieces convey to me as a viewer. Though I can definitely see the inspiration she gets from Frida Kahlo's persona, I feel that Flor's work is totally unique. The various pieces I have purchased have all been excellent and Flor is the consummate professional when it comes to taking care of her followers. I just know we'll be hearing a lot more about FLor in the future as her fanbase grows. Thanks so much for presenting this interview!

  8. I love Flor's art and I'm a new fan. She is such a unique "voice" in a mass-produced world!

  9. Nice interview! I love to read more about different artists, and what makes them tick, etc! Nicely done :)

  10. Thank you for introducing me to another beautiful artist. Those colors....

  11. Flor... you are an amazing woman! I can't wait until you publish a children's collection. Every time I see your work it recreates that child like love for the Lord inside me! I love how you portray the Madonna in her innocents yet guardian that she is to us! Keep inspiring and being inspired!

    Rachel Guzman

  12. I've been following Flor for a few years on her blog and have been so pleased to watch her business grow. I love her art! Thanks for interviewing such a great artistic person.

  13. I really enjoyed the interview. Thank you for sharing part of you Flor! I am definitely a fan!

  14. I Love Love Love Flor and her gorgeous artwork! Keep it up girl!

  15. Great interview. As always, I love all of your work, Flor. : )

  16. And the WINNER of a few of my things GIVEAWAY is......
    Rachel Guzman!!!!
    Please Rachel contact me at to send you your gifts :)
    Thank you to all who participated and for all those sweet comments :)

  17. thanks everyone for stopping by and reading my interview with flor. so sweet of you flor to have the giveaway. congrats to rachel!

  18. Great interview, and I love your work :D

  19. great interview, thanks for highlighting Flor's work. I have never come across it before but I will be definitely following it now as her artwork is beautiful

  20. Thank you so much guys for your lovely comments :)

  21. The beauty of Flor's soul shows in her sacral contemporary art. Is definitely a gift of the Lord.